Thursday, October 29, 2009


Alas and alack I got so incredibly involved in so many new projects over the spring and summer that I let this languish on the back burner. It's time to resurrect this whole blog with a new determination and conscientiousness.
I've had the good fortune to be added as part of the weblog staff at Prairie State Outdoors, and should also be starting as a regular blogger for Illinois tourism council soon.
I'm happy and excited that both my photography and writing seem to be taking off and I am finding myself published in both areas on a regular basis.
Who knew that people would actually be interested in the stories of my adventures wandering around the forest and the fields!

So bear with me dear readers as I start back down this blogging path!


Deb said...

I've been wondering if you were ok, since we hadn't heard from you for a while, either here or on Vanessa & Lara's group, I'm glad it was just because you were so busy! :) Congrats on being chosen to write on other blogs, that should be fun. I always enjoy your photos and this one of the trees beside a country road is no exception. It looks so beautiful there...but I love trees like that, we don't have so many here and I miss them.

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