Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Time of Deer and Ducks

My dear husband peeked at me through sleepy eyes.. " Oh yeah - " he sighed.. "deer and ducks at dawn.." then promptly went back to sleep. Just because I feel the need to be out the door long before daylight so I can set up and take advantage of not only those golden hours of light that early morning and early evening bring but also the increased activity of the creatures, he shares none of the same aspirations. Harvest time is hard on him and the long hours in the fields combining corn and beans and planting winter wheat keep him more than occupied.
This past week the deer are starting into rut - currently we seem to be in seek and chase phase of things - soon, yes soon I mutter to myself - rut will be in full swing and the whitetails will be far lss concerned with me and my camera and far more conscerned with finding the does.
Ahhh the ducks.. well the ducks just aren't showing up in good numbers yet. Geese yes, ducks no. The record rainfalls from October have left many a good duck deep under water and have driven the few that are here deep into the button bush and buck brush that borders the rivers and sloughs that are so popular.


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