Saturday, April 11, 2009

First morels on 03.26.2009!!!

False morel - NON EDIBLE!!

Group of small greys

The first batch of the season! Just enough for a skillet full for supper!

I seriously thought it was just a bit early for these to be popping, but nevertheless off to the woods I went just hoping for a small batch or a few. After finding a few false morels , that are non edible, I knew time was close. The "Big Red" false morels generally appear a few days to a week before the true delicious edible morels appear. Less than ten yards from the nice "Big Red" my woods companion Adam found, I spied the seasons first batch.
My friends at Prairie State Outdoors were excited as I was by this early find!


Deb said...

Oh boy, hubby hasn't been out looking yet here, but it's just greening up a little here so far, so maybe he isn't to late. I think it's been to cold, we are still having freezing temps. Love all your photos...even the snake one is good, although I hate the things so didn't look very long at it. LOL

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