Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunday was an interesting day.. as I was packing up to head out to Pyramid State Park, to soak up some of the healing powers of the windswept prairie shown in the photo above, I received a phone phone call that a plane had went down in a neighboring field. It appeared to be more of an emergency landing than a crash but none the less was quite the sight in the cornfield!

The day ended with Jaunary's Wolf moon rising bright , brave, wild and fierce.

Today was one of those days that as the day went on the winds picked up, and the skies turned a cold slatey grey . Those flat iron skies are usually a harbringer of cold bitter winter days approaching. The forecast is for steadily dropping temps and rising winds.. with the threat of just a little snow to swirl about. The creatures can sense the coming change in the weather and feed actively. The small soingbirds were almost manic filling up on high oil seeds to help give them the energy to withstand the coming cold and snow.

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Deb said...

OHHH I just LOVE that bird photo!! I either need your lens, or some major instruction on how to get close, without scaring them off!! LOL

Your other photos are wonderful too, as usual, but that bird one is to cool. :)

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