Saturday, January 10, 2009

I've fallen behind!

Not even a week into this and already I have fallen behind with the daily posts. It seems my days are filled to the brim with photo opportunities and assignments. I begin before daylight and often am still shooting as the last rays of the sun set. No problem getting a photo accomplished each day.. just a little snafu here and there getting them posted daily!

Thursday January 8 had me yet once gain chasing waterfowl around the various lakes, river bottoms and potholes in Southern Illinois. This lovely Canada Goose seemed to pose for Thursday afternoon.. and I was tickled when I downloaded the image and realized that not only had I captured his smirky smile but that little drop of water from his bill bouncing into the lake!

The deer rut seems to be over, the big bruiser bucks are no longer chasing the does, and are staying hidden until just at sunset or after and are much more wary and back to hiding in the thickets. The does are feeling safer these days and coming out to the fields each evening just as sunset draws near. This group was spotted at the edge of the tree line in a field in Randolph County

Friday January 9 brought a long day in the field from before sun up until past sunset. I had several request from some of my customers for "ducks in the timber" . Water fowl hunting in Southern Illinois often takes place in flooded timber and river bottoms. So off I went at dawn.. in search of "ducks in timber".

The early morning sky above was once again a wonderous winter sight as I headed out on yet a migratory winter bird trip. I encountered a nice group of canvasbacks at the Union County Refuge .

While talking with the various duck hunters, goose hunters and waterfowl fans along the way I learned that Horsehoe Lake was holding good numbers of mallards in the timbers.. so onward I pressed.. still in search of "ducks in timber" . I was rewarded with some exceptionally beautiful vistas and yes! Ducks in the timber!


Deb said...

Oh love the moon photo, I'd love to get one that big and clear! That one with the drop of water hitting the water in front of the goose is really cool, great catch! But Oh I love sunrises and sunsets, and that photo with the tree is just beautiful!! We don't have lots of nice looking trees like that around us, I do miss them, cause I grew up with them. We have a lot of scrub cedars, and some pretty cottonwoods in the creeks.

Love your photos!!

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