Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Ah yes - this poor neglected blog. Shame on me! Do I have a good reason?
Absolutely not!
Chalk it up to poor time management skills? Sheer laziness? Sheer exhaustion?
Who knows. It just seems that I'm always out in the field. When I get back in, I'm so exhausted that just getting picures downloaded and processed is sometimes a  trick, not to mention keeping up with my entries at Praire State Outdoors.    
Then there's that whole print market that for some odd reaso nactually has deadines...
The crazy part of this is that almost the whole time I'm out there in the field I'm mentally blogging and writing away.. and when I'm in the car traveling the backroads of IL I'm running through how to blog the day's adventures. Even the photos I take;  I take with the blogs in mind.
Then once I'm home and at my desk I look up at the clock and realize that in about 6 hours or so I'm going to need to be back out there in the field.. Sleep or blog?
Recently sleep has been winning.
So what's the solution? I'm wondering how others in the outdoor industry find the way to balance the time in the field with the time at the desk.
Hmmmm beginning to think I'm going to have to either go high tech with a smart phone or dare I say it.. drag the laptop along and work through things quickly before I ever leave the field .
Outdoor bloggers - please help me out here!!


Deb said...

Oh what a beautiful photo with the river! I love it!! Glad you are doing ok and just keeping busy. We've been busy around here too, although not near like you. Take Care of yourself! :)

Gretchen Steele said...

Deb I sure miss the gals at B and D's.. I haven't been doing many scrapbook lately.. I sure need to get back to that.. I think that's therapy for me!

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