Saturday, February 6, 2010

Updated Info on Collared Trumpeter Swans

I've been getting lots of the great reports back from USGS  regarding the collard swans that I was lucky enough to observe in late December.
So far here's what I've learned:
  • One collared in 2000 in Winchester, Wisconson
  • Two collared in 2002 ; one in Grantsburg, WI the other in St. Germain, WI 
  • One collared in 2004 in Hayward, WI
  • Three collared in 2005; two in Powell, WI and one in St. Germain, WI 
  • One collared in 2006 in Necadah, WI 
  • Once collared in 2007 in City Point, WI
  • One Collared in 2008 in Hayward, WI 
  • Six Collared in 2009 in Hayward, WI  ( The group of cygnets) 

All were collared when they were too young to fly, and all were listed as sex unknown. Also, all were collared by Wisconsin Department of Natural resources.

As more reports come in I'll be sharing them here as well. What was amazing to me was that the one collared in 2000 was still going, still alive and well.

I've been hearing from lots of friends across Southern Illinois that have been sighting  even more swans. Soon as as I'm able I'll be back out on the Swan Trail, searching for more of these majestic beauties, hoping to find even more that are collared.

If you are a swan lover like me, don't forget to visit The Trumpeter Swan Society's web site - it's a great place with tons of info about these gorgeous birds.


Deb said...

They are beautiful birds, wish I could see some in the wild like that. :)

Gretchen Steele said...

Deb they are absolutely breathtaking in real life!

trumpeterswansociety said...

Hello Gretchen,
Glad to see that you visited us on Facebook and I'm pleased to see this data, geographically you are very connected to these Wisconsin birds! Southern Illinois is in our core study area for the Trumpeter Watch program so if your friends find Trumpeter Swans, collared or not-collared we'd like to know. There are sightings forms on our websites or they can email me We do need the geographic location (GPS coordinates wonderful, if not then nearest town, name of the lake, etc) and the date of the sighting. If they can say 2 adults (white birds) and 2 juv. (gray birds) that is all the more information. We have a free ENEWS letter if they want updates on what we find - right now Trumpeters are all over the map - Virginia, Tennessee, and Louisiana - ten different locations in Oklahoma. It’s been a very exciting winter to date. When you have time drop me a line on your sighting location if you will, thanks!
Peg Abbott, The Trumpeter Swan Society

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