Thursday, January 21, 2010

Headed Around the Bend

In more ways than one. My dear hubby says the IV steroids always make me a "little nutty" so I've been traveling that curvy road the few days. However today I think we're turning the corner for the straight stretch!
Finished up the yucky IV meds yesterday, got rid of all the lines, poles, pumps and assorted medical flotsam and jetsam that can quickly fill up a living room. The dogs maybe a little sad, they were pretty sure some of those nifty and funny smelling things were indeed put in place  for their entertainment alone .I think they will also welcome the rest from working so hard as the excellent service helpers they have been  last week or so. I am predicting a very restful and relaxing day with lots of napping around this household today.

Have been really missing being able to do any photogrpahy is art therapy for me after all, but my helper has set up trail cameras all around my bird feeding stations so I feel like I'm still snapping a few here and there.

Feel like today is going to be a good day and things will start getting back to normal! Whoopee!!

A few of the trail cam birds just for fun :)


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