Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Collared Snow/Blue Goose

Yep I do enjoy watching for and searching out the collared birds. Much like my waterfowl hunting friends who become jubilant when they down one of the banded birds, I do the same  happy dance when I'm able to locate a bird with neck collar.

I love to transcribe the numbers and dutifully send them to USGS  just to see where these lovely creatures have come from.
Yesterday while sitting amid a virtual tornado of snow geese (light geese if you prefer) I caught a flash of green around ones neck  flash over head.
Locking the focus on the bird I snapped and snapped.. hoping for an image that would enable me to read the entire collar number and report it.

That bird soared and squeaked , and circled taunting and teasing me before coming to rest just a few yards from where I was nestled. After the initial 15 minute or so merry chase.. the posing began !

I've dutifully entered the info at the USGS  web site and am anxiously awaiting the report on this fellow!


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