Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bluebird Skies

Bluebird skies dawning at Silver Creek

Success for Bob and Adam Rutkowski of Team SILO despite the bluebird skies
Both limited out on scaup - giving the pups Nes and Piper their wish - ducks to retrieve!

The endless days of bluebird skies, high pressure systems, and failure of migratory waterfowl to have an early entrance to the Southern Zone has made for some tough waterfowl hunting in Southern Illinois so far this season. The conversation among waterfowlers seems to always begin with - "you even seeing birds yet?"
There have been small numbers taken, but nothing in comparision to what we will see soon.
Just this morning as I listened to the weather forecast, for snow, dropping temps, and reports of northern and western storms, I felt my heart sing - Bad weather is good for the ducks ! Bring on the cold drizzle, low lying clouds, and spits of snow and bring on the ducks!
My best pals and pit buddies Adam and Piper.
Adam coming back from chasing down a cripple that needed dispatched.

Adam and Piper - Ever vigilant Piper, a quivering mass of lab pup just waiting to hear "dead duck down!" her command to launch.


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