Monday, February 16, 2009

Nearly 10 days

Have come and gone since my last entry.. The flu segued into a bad case of cellulitis in my face which segued into a bad case of uvitis affecting my right eye. My dominant shooting eye. Putting my photo work on hold until the steroids, antibiotics and assorted other little mirables of modern chemistry could do their work. Suffice it to say I have spent the majority of those ten days confined to either my bed or my couch, grumbling mightily that I'm missingouton the early days of shed hunting season, the first signs of new life in te woods and various other outdoor activities.
I was somewhat soothed by watching the comical comings and goings at the bird feeder and trying my best to capture a few of the scenes there with my camera. I must admit, with the visual disturbances that came with the above - the captures were slim pickings and not very well done. I was able to though participate in the Great BacKyard Bird Count, and dutifully sent of my check lists to be tabulated.
I am pleased to report that I seem to have turned the corner today and looking forward to a trip out and about visiting the nighborhood forests and fields tomorrow. I am hoping that the weather cooperates and I will once again be able to be shooting scenes from our wonderous outdoors again on a daily basis. I may even sneak out a bit this afternoon for a trial run!
Thanks to everyone for understanding the big gaps in the postings of late and the sudden lack of photographs. The spirit was will willing, but the flesh was weak .


Deb said...

I'm so glad you are ok Gretchen and feeling better, while I love seeing your photos and can't wait for some more, I hope you don't venture out to soon, or stay to long, and have a relapse! Have fun if you do get to get out tomorrow!! :)

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