Monday, January 5, 2009

A new year.. a new project

After much encouragement and urging by fellow photographers and outdoor enthusiasts I have elected to participate in the 365 project! It seems a natural thing to do, as I spend nearly every day documenting the flora and fauna of Southern Illinois with my trusty Canon and an assortment of lenses. My hope is to make this not only a daily photo diary, but also to include field notes regarding my finds and travels throughout Southern Illinois forests, fields, rivers and wild spaces.
Thanks to my woods buddies SILO Bob and Skippy for their strong encouragement to even attempt this project.
Some days there may many photos.. somedays.. just one. Despite all good intentions there will also be days that I will be forced to miss due to assignment and travel obligations.
I hope you enjoy viewing the Southern Illinois Outdoors through my lens !

sunrise and sunset New years day 2009


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